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Our brand is for the woman that is sure and confident in herself!  This doesn’t mean that she never has doubts, it means that she checks those doubts at the door and commands the room when she walks in.

Our brand is for the the woman that overcomes every obstacle and adversity, the woman that builds strength with the bricks that have been thrown at her, and the woman that is bold but embodies feminism simultaneously.  That woman is a House of Privy woman.

What makes our brand different?
special about our brand? 


Ashley Walker has worked in many different industries over the years- Financial & Investment industry, Computer & Information Technology industry, and the Retail Fashion industry. She’s thrived in them all, flourished through them all, and enjoys creative expression in the lane of fashion.  She’s also committed to giving back to the community by serving in many different community volunteer organizations and boards that support nonprofit and philanthropic efforts.


As Founder and owner of the House of Privy brand, she takes pride in the care and cultivation of the apparel and products that the company offers.


From the desk of the Owner: “I want to ensure that every House of Privy woman is equipped to conquer her day with her best foot forward. What better way to do that than through fashion? Your exterior introduces you before you have the opportunity to speak. What does your exterior say about you?


Let us help shape and sharpen that story!


I wanted to create a brand for the modern day woman. During this day and age, women are expected to be everything to everyone. We are resilient. Creating a clothing brand that represents that woman is at the heart and soul of the House of Privy. 

What made you start
House of Privy?

You can expect high quality products that are fashionable, timeless, and committed to excellence. Soft fabrics that are pristine and sure to enhance your wardrobe. Our pieces are designed to make you look and feel empowered.

What can we expect from your brand regarding the products that you offer?

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